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Our Lighting Services

Whether it is pin spotting centerpieces, spotlighting a band, washing the walls, or up-lighting the tent, we have the appropriate fixtures to make your event look flawless . We are a full service lighting company providing temporary decorative lighting for tented, indoor and outdoor events. We have a large inventory of specialty decorative fixtures including different styles of chandeliers, pendant lights, and lanterns. 

We install outdoor lighting including soft flood lighting, bistro lighting and paper lanterns on long bamboo poles. We light the landscape for both beauty and function. We have beautiful ways to light private properties, vineyards and the beach.

Where we differ from our competition can be seen if you compare our photos to theirs. We try to hide our fixtures and wires and so that you aren't immediately aware of where the light source is. We don't believe that events should look like a tv set with lots of bulky fixtures and trussing.

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